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3 Out of the Box Ways to Get Motivated and Dominate

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By Leslie Youngblood

Everyone struggles with trying to get motivated from time to time. For many small business owners or entrepreneurs, that fire that drives you, can sometimes get dimmed by tedious to-dos or other important daily tasks.

So if you find yourself in the blahs, don’t worry. There are a number of simple activities to help get you back to your personal world domination. I’m not talking about posting a bunch of motivational quotes on your desk or office- not that there’s anything wrong with that! I’m talking real, fun ways to get the mojo going.

Here are my top three out-of-the-box ways to get motivated.

#1: Take the Business Card Challenge

Ok, the first step here is to find and attend a local conference or event. Personally, I find attending conferences to be one of the most inspiring things anyone can do. From expert speakers sharing their stories to other like-minded peers, there is just so much to get jazzed about.

You could also try dropping into a local association’s happy hour. It doesn't have to be a large-scale scene, just some place where you'll be talking to a lot of new people.

Next, to up your networking game, try to see how many new connections and/or business cards you can collect. Set a simple goal at first. Let's say, maybe five business cards. You'll find that as you engage and talk with new connections, that other new people will join into your conversation and you'll naturally meet even more new people.  

The purpose of this exercise is simple: Talking with others in your industry, fellow doers, and leaders in a field will bring you back to your own entrepreneurial core. That in and of itself is awesome. Then when you make sure to get their business card, it gives you the opportunity to continue the connection, and leaves the door open for future collaborations. You never know!

Try attending a networking event to get inspired

#2: Get A Grasshopper, Oh Teacher!

This is essentially: Delegate a nagging task to a college student or intern.

Let's say that you're in desperate need of a logo refresh or have been meaning to get to updating your email list. I can guarantee you that there is a young upstart out there who would LOVE to do that task for you and maybe even make a few bucks at it.

Ask family members, friends, neighbors or even some of those business card connections you’ve made if they know of anyone who may fit the bill and be interested. Especially during the summer or over the holidays, there are many young future professionals with more free time to help out and learn a trick or two.

Not only will this allow you to exhale by finally crossing an item or two off your list, but sharing your knowledge and expertise with someone just getting started will remind you of the joy you find in your work.

And just in case you don’t have an intern or student connection, I'd like to remind you that we live in the age of freelancers. You can make a post looking for help for free on Craigslist, or you can utilize a service such as Upwork or Fiverr. Speaking of Fiverr- Excelerate America can hook you up with 20% off your first purchase.

Find a recent college grad or young professional to help your small business out.

#3: The Power Pose Baby

NFL players have their touchdown dances. Now you will have your own power pose.

All you have to do with this one is to find some sort of simple action- a high kick, a karate chop, a shimmy, a shake, whatever- that makes you feel powerful and happy. Then simply do it when you need a pick me up, or even try making it a habit to do it when starting out your work day.

Even the tried and true power pose (hands on hips, chest up) works wonders. There is concrete scientific evidence that states that adopting an expansive posture makes people feel more powerful. And when you feel powerful, you’re ready to slay your day.

So there are my three best out-of-the-box ways to get motivated and dominate. I hope you take one and run with it!

Leslie Youngblood is the Creative Director for Excelerate America, the ultimate resource for entrepreneurs. Do you have any special tips or tricks for getting motivated when you're feeling blah? Tell Leslie about it at

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