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5 imperatives in today's social media climate.

There are some things that can't be overlooked.

By: Robert Courtney, Guest Blog Contributor

I find myself explaining various aspects of branding on social media on a daily basis. Before attempting to brand a business, most people only use social media casually, so understanding the nuances isn't important. When thinking about using social media as a resource for growing and creating business opportunities, there are some things that can't be overlooked.

Here's 5 things I consider imperative in today's social media climate.

1. Branding in 2017 is directly linked to your online presence. You can't successfully brand without a strong digital presence. That's where people are, that's where you have to be. It's important to make sure that your presentation and messaging is fully in line with what the characteristics of your business is.

2. The goal of every individual attempting to brand a business, hopefully through social media, should be to build community. An active and engaged community. This is a fight for attention, and the brands that control the attention of consumers, win the game. I'd advise businesses to invest the most time into understanding what aspect of their business captures people's attention the most by researching their own post history. You can usually gauge things pretty effectively this way.

3. The only guarantee to successfully building community is through unwavering consistency. Patience and hard work. I'm extremely patient. If you aren't, you have to learn to be. You have to realize that branding has always been and will forever be a long play rather than a short play. We're looking to build life-long fans and supporters. Your consistent and religious brand messaging across all platforms will develop raging followers who will always root for you, no matter what.

4. Branding through social is about learning how to be human while creating communications online. How do you engage all senses through what you post? The mission here is to make sure you're using every medium to get your information out there. Video, audio, and written word. The main forms of communication have been these things since the beginning of time and that isn't changing anytime soon. This is how we as humans consume information. Just because we're doing these same things over our phone or on our computer is no different than writing a letter to someone by hand. The same principles apply.

5. Identify the system that works for you and constantly refine it. Testing and retesting. Experimenting. The people that are the best are constantly trying things out. DON'T BE AFRAID TO FAIL. Always be a practitioner.

How has your brand changed and evolved with social media? What have you found that works for you? What are some imperatives you'd add to this list?

Robert Courtney is the Founder of Robert Courtney & Associates - A Marketing & Branding Agency

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