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"Always be closing!" I THINK NOT!

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By: Steve Heroux, Guest Blog Contributor

Aren't we past the days of the “hard close” and the “What can I do to put you in this car today?” lingo? Isn’t it time we start respecting people, treating them like friends vs. prospects, and trying to solve a challenge or fulfill a need they may have?

I thought so.

The art of communication is slowing dying (it’s already dead according to some) and we’ve got to do everything in our power to keep this alive. Especially if you are in sales! And guess what? You ARE IN SALES if you run a business, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re a real estate agent, etc. Once you understand the simple fact that sales is the most critical part to your business, you might look at it differently.

The reason I think so many people fear the word “sales” is because of the perception that sales is bad. The reputation of salespeople precedes them and is born from the decades of bad experiences we’ve all had. The Snake Oil Salesman (whatever that means) or the Used Car Salesman, we’ve all experienced this at one point or another are phrases that perpetuate the perception that ALL salespeople are slimy, greedy and out to close you.

It's true, yes, that many salespeople are still acting is this manner. For those of us who decide that selling honesty, humility and integrity is the way to go, we’re having a tremendous amount of success. Not simply because those things truly matter to us and our values are important, but because it’s not normal! Being respectful, caring and giving aren’t exactly qualities of the “typical” or “normal” salesperson in most peoples’ minds, so the fact that you exemplify those traits separates you and ultimately makes you unique in the field of selling.

If we know know this to be true, then STOP TRYING TO CLOSE PEOPLE!! Last time I checked, your prospects are people. Somebody’s mom, dad, friend, grandma, neighbor, buddy, teacher, colleague, wife, etc. Life is about connecting with people and how you treat them. If you understand this one important fact, you'll have success in sales like you never imagined!

Steve Heroux is a Professional Sales Coach and co-founder of Next Level Sales Coaching. His 20-year career has seen great success and has generated more than $15M in sales. You can connect with Steve and learn how to up your own sales game by clicking the button below.

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