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By: Roy Lamphier

So it begins...

Working with more than 1,500 chambers of commerce, neighborhood business associations and a variety of other business assistance organizations, we received a lot of feedback as to the challenges small and medium sized businesses were facing. One of the biggest areas of need was GROWTH. Another was demystifying tech and learning how to better compete in the digital economy. So with that as our guiding focus, we set out to deliver insights and opportunities to help small business excel and grow.

It's easy to get consumed in the day to day of running the business. Our hope is that we can expand awareness and understanding around how tech and the digital economy is changing how we go about our business and how everyday businesses can best capitalize on it.

Thinking about business growth and optimization, here are some of the areas we plan to explore:

  • Making sense and good use of the "cloud" to share and scale your business
  • How Google search and maps is changing how people discover your business
  • Cyber security for small businesses and building protection into our devices
  • Selling on the Amazon marketplace and connecting with B2B opportunities
  • Leveraging service marketplaces (Fiverr) and crowd funding (Kickstarter) for rapid product and service prototyping and test marketing
  • Putting the on-demand sharing economy to work for your corporate travel
  • What's the future of e-mail in an age of IM and #Slack? 
  • Curating "experiences", such as in AirBnB, to drive customer interactions
  • Optimizing your business with integrated cloud applications that talk to one another saving you time and hassle
These are just some of the topics our community asked us to explore, but we'd love to hear what areas you would like addressed.

Roy Lamphier is the Founder/CEO of Excelerate America, a community-driven business accelerator that helps small businesses excel and grow in the digital economy.

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