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How to blow your customers' minds with Facebook Watch

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By Leslie Youngblood

Facebook, social media’s tried and true O.G., has been having a little bit of a tough go of things lately.

From political propoganda to privacy challenges and even stock tumbles, the platform and its founder Mark Zuckerberg, have found themselves in the hot seat.

Yet the fact remains that Facebook is still insanely popular. Pretty much everyone you know checks it multiple times a day. It’s beloved-ness shows no signs of slowing down soon, especially when it continues to revolutionize the way people and businesses connect.

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Another New Revolutionary Feature

With video now an integral part of the platform - ads, Facebook Live, etc.- Facebook wants to make watching video a more social experience.

Facebook Watch Party is a new concept that was introduced in January of this year and has been going through testing over the past few months.

At first it was only being tested within Facebook Groups. The reason for this was that groups are more centralized and contain people with shared interests. Plus, there are over 1 billion people participating in groups all over the world. Talk about a focus group!

Recently, Facebook has started to test outside of just Groups, and is exploring its usage on Pages.

This is where things could get interesting for companies of all sizes, since they will be able to utilize this feature on their main business page.

Facebook Watch means more ways to engage with customers during live events, tutorials and other video content.

How to use Facebook Watch

How to Use Facebook Watch

Step 1: Get That Group

If you’re a small business owner that has your own Facebook Group you’ve created and built already, you can start checking out Facebook Watch right now. If you haven’t, then try creating a new Group and inviting members, perhaps with your best and most engaged customers. Tell them why they’re being invited to this new group and that they’re getting a sneak peek into a new Facebook feature your business is exploring. People love to feel like they’re ahead of a trend and being invited into something special.

Step 2: Get The Party Started

Okay, so you have your Group. Now, go into the Group page and select the “Watch Party” button (it’s a little bucket of popcorn).

Next, you need to tap “Add Videos” to create a playlist and select videos to watch. After adding videos go back and select “Post” to start your watch party.

And that’s it!

During Watch Parties you can add videos to your playlist, invite more friends to join, and comment and chat with the party.

It’s a great way to introduce a new product or service and get feedback, or share a glimpse behind the scenes of your business.

Leslie Youngblood is the Creative Director for Excelerate America, the ultimate resource for entrepreneurs. Have you experimented with Facebook Watch? Tell Leslie about it at

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