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Moxie Collective: A new way to network

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By: Erin Dooley and Shaye Moessner, Guest Blog Contributors

Moxie is the premier women's networking group in Denver, CO that we started in June 2017. Moxie women embody an uncompromising, fierce determination to succeed in all aspects of life. We’re on a quest for what’s possible when we embrace our feminine identity and leverage it to elevate our leadership in our careers, families, communities and beyond. This is the Moxie story.

It started as an innocent musing over tequila. An ordinary Wednesday afternoon, the two of us taking comfort in the anonymity of a hazy, sunset-lit patio in City Park.

Longing for the illusion of maturity cast by the coastal metropoles we'd so hastily left behind in our frantic quarter-life search for significance, we both sought refuge from the white noise of our daily ongoings by daydreaming about the possibility of a side project - something fresh, original, collaborative, feminine. Possibly a reaction to the current political climate, energized by the recent resurgence of social capital. But more likely, an urge drawn from a deep-rooted generational desire to contribute to the greater good.

Moxie is not about criticizing social constraint or drowning out the mainstream. It's not about sugar-coating or dude-bashing or throwing pink on a concept and calling it female. It's about the uncompromising, fierce determination to succeed, the honest truth about business culture, and the quest for what's possible when we embrace our feminine identity and leverage it to elevate our leadership, make our most daring ideas a reality, and live our best lives - together.

Introducing the collective. We're here to support, listen, coach, and share. In Moxie, you can admit your f*ck-ups and, more importantly, bask in the glow of every milestone. You will learn from a like-minded set of peers, befriend spirited women committed to pushing the boundaries, and gain insight from experts at the top of their field.

We will always create space for contribution and collaboration to flourish. We will always welcome your whole self, including your children, because we are committed to shifting the paradigm on networking taboos.


The time is now - join us, and be bold.



Facebook: @moxiecollective

Instagram: @moxie.collective


Erin Dooley and Shaye Moessner (pictured above) are the co-creators of Moxie Collective. Their innovative group was the winner of Excelerate America's first-ever Make It Happen Movement, honoring small businesses and entrepreneurs challenging old models and finding new paths to success.

Moxie Collective hosts events and experiences built around connection, development and collaboration to inspire professional women in the Denver, CO area. They'd love for you to reach out anytime with questions or collaboration ideas. Feel free to contact them via the channels provided.

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