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The Breakthrough: How It Helped Me Get Clear On My Own Vision First

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By Roy Lamphier

I started Excelerate America because I love the drive and creativity of entrepreneurs striving to do big things and wanted to help them get there.

There’s something powerful about the courage, hustle and problem-solving prowess of the entrepreneur. It can also be a daunting, frustrating and lonely experience as you continually work to move your organization forward.

We created the Breakthrough: An Entrepreneurial Experience to address this issue and enable other entrepreneurs to get to the business they love faster.

The Breakthrough was modeled after a process we used to great success in building our business.

Early on, I was fortunate to have a mentor emphasize the importance of developing my vision and building a plan to see it though. Not only did it up our game at EA, but it was also what we leaned on when we hit those down days when nothing seemed easy or fun and doubts abounded.

In developing The Breakthrough for fellow owners and entrepreneurs, it was important to deliver a comprehensive experience to get to that grand vision and surround it with the right stuff to see it through.

The Breakthrough: An Entrepreneurial Experience

The Breakthrough: An Entrepreneurial Experience mixes games, habits and community to help small business owners get clearer on their vision and goals in 2019 and beyond.

For Love Of The Game

I've always loved games and think they are an excellent way to socialize, learn and even develop new habits. That’s why we gamified as much of the Breakthrough experience as possible.

I'm a big fan of old school board games, so naturally, the Breakthrough comes with a box filled with some playful artifacts and curated challenges to get you on your way. For me this creative process was a vital component; looking at the business you’re trying to build through different lenses really helps to make it something special.

Chess is one of Roy's favorite board games and an excellent example of the importance of developing your vision of the board through different perspectives. (Try rotating the board and you'll see what I mean)

The Power Of Habits

Obviously achieving any goal entails some element of change, and that fundamentally comes down to personal behavior. What I found to be really effective was developing the simple habit of working on my own personal vision first thing in the morning.

As the old adage goes, “Whatever you pay attention to gets done,” so by starting my day with a simple challenge to be intentional and reflect on my vision actually helped me to be more positive, focused and productive.

The Right Community And A Clearer Vision

I also really wanted to include a community component in The Breakthrough because having a peer group has always been a great personal source of feedback and encouragement.

Being able to articulate your vision is critically important to enlisting support from friends, employees, mentors, experts and the like. Yet, it’s surprising how difficult this can be at first. However, through The Breakthrough you emerge more confident and begin to really live that vision right away.

The high level plan of attack we developed from the vision served as the basis for our organizational planning and helped establish what was really important to us and what we wanted to achieve. That shared vision became our unifying factor in getting everyone on the same page.

Ultimately, The Breakthrough helped me to get clear about my vision and commit to making it happen by breaking it down into actionable steps and surrounding it with people to help me along the way.

I'm happy to say that we’re now more than on our way to building the business we love and having fun doing it. I look forward to seeing how it enables other small business owners like myself to do the same.

Roy Lamphier is Founder and CEO of Excelerate America, the fun, smart service for small businesses. Roy's passion for entrepreneurship, tech and helping small enterprises succeed are central to the Excelerate America ethos. If you'd like to share your thoughts on your business's growth or would like to learn more about his inspiration behind The Breakthrough feel free to shoot him a line at

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